These musical experiences reinforced my confidence to play more of the American Jazz that I listened to as a teenager. I would now like to pass on some of the knowledge and experience of chords and scales for making melody on guitar. 
Lessons will be offered on this website for some basic skills;How to hold your guitar. How to play basic scales and chords. Tips on learning to read My lessons are for students who want to know more about playing jazz guitar. It will important that you are able to put in the time practicing to get the most out of your lessons.

This website will offer you a chance to learn American Jazz and Blues from a teacher who has years of experience in studio recording and live performance skills. You will need to be able to practice on a regular basis to get the most from your lessons. Payment will be on a monthly basis so be sure that you are able to practice!

Beginner Lessons

Holding your guitar;

The student must learn left hand and right-hand technique.

Plucking the strings and holding down the strings on the fret
Timbre, making a clear toneMaking chords.

Becoming a guitar player:Maintenance of your fingers.

Hours to play, make sure you have time to lay

Listen to music you and know what you want to learn to play

Let’s play a simple blues progression using the first, fourth and fifth.

Learn to count while listening

The pentatonic scale.

Intermediate lessons

Be prepared to learn and read all of the notes on the guitar.

Expand your use of the major scale by using modes, Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, scales.

Voicing new chords and moving the bass to first and second positions.

Playing basic blues progressions:
Using the pentatonic scales
Learning to play chords and melodies together.

Beginning to use the second and the fifth  as a jazz “turn around”Expanding chord voices.

Advanced lessons

Advanced Chord Voicing.

Expanding the possibilities of making chords and melodies.

Expanding the two, five “turn around” to three, six-two, five “turn around”Encouraging students to explore new possibilities.
Becoming a jazz musician:Learning jazz and blues standards.

Stretching the harmonic possibilities. Whole tone scales

These musical experiences that I mentioned in the introduction, About Us, reinforced my confidence…

Reminder Note – The potential student to have enough time to practice to get the most out of their guitar lesson.

Recommendation – “Every student who needs to improve their reading skills, please buy the Mel Bay Guitar Method 1 book.”

Cost for Music lessons
Lessons will be $30 for one half hour and $50 for an entire hour.

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